Interview with Glitzerstrahl

Check out this interview on the Glitzerstrahl project over at the Geeky Disco blog:

Big thanks to Andrew for including me!

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Reassembling the studio Part 1

As I’m nearing the end of the mountain of boxes that filled our new apartment after the move I’m finally starting to get my gear back up as well.

I’m having a desk and some racks custom built for me to maximise the space, and while waiting for that to come around I’ve begun to pull cables and rack up some auxiliary gear like patch bays and MIDI interfaces.


I’ve always been a great fan of proper cabling and it feels good to take the extra time to get it right :).

More pictures and info to follow!

I’m not making music…


I’m not making music right now.

In fact, it’s been almost 6 months since I packed up all my gear in San Francisco, put it into a container and sent it off across the ocean.

While my gear has been on board some big ass freighter defying storms, pirates and other dangers of the high seas, I’ve been traveling back to Japan, then onwards to Sweden. (You can read about my move north here). I took a pelican case full of gear with me, also known as my portable studio but alas I have not used it as much as I expected. Not that there’s anything wrong with the gear but I’ve realized that it’s really hard for me to be productive when I’m not in the right environment. I miss my synths, my modular and just sitting down in a space that’s made for music-making.

Good news is that I’ll be moving to a more permanent place in Sweden in just a couple of days. There I’ll finally be able to set up the gear again.

While I’ve been unable to make much music on my own I have been inspired to listen to a lot of new and old stuff. Using Spotify and other online services I’ve dug up some of my old favorite artists and genres and from there branched back up in time to discover a lot of new and interesting stuff. I’m really eager to put these new impressions to use and get cranking on some new songs.

Stay tuned…

New Song (Dark Echoes – NOR Remix)

I while back I shot a short video with the Dark Energy and Dark Time combo. It was very simple but I was fooling around with my portable setup and I thought it sounded OK so I posted it.

My good fiend Niklas of NOR heard it and asked if he could have the original wave and perhaps play around with it a little.

The result is a wonderful track that really should be mostly attributed to Niklas. It really shows what a great, creative mind can do with the simplest little starting point.

Thank you Niklas for pulling this together and letting me post it!

Glitzerstrahl is Moving to Stockholm

I was based in Tokyo but relocated to San Francisco by my Japanese employer when I started this blog. San Francisco having such an incredibly creative atmosphere and an abundance of great music spots was a fantastic place to be for synth-head / electronic music producer. But in July 2013 my employer decided to transfer me back to Tokyo.

Tokyo is an awesome place, probably my favorite city on this planet, but for various personal reasons me and the family decided that the best thing for us to do next was probably to move to Stockholm and try our luck in my home country for a while.

I won’t go into the details, but the result is that we are moving to Sweden and will set up base in Stockholm. At the moment the rest of the family is still in Japan, waiting for visas and other technicalities, but I have gone ahead to try and set up a home and other preparations for us.

At the moment I’m living in a temporary, corporate housing solution, looking for an apartment in the Stockholm area (if you have any leads leave a comment!), while all the gear is somewhere on the Atlantic heading north (or west, or possibly east depending on how you look at it).

Therefor there won’t be that many updates for a while as I’m trying to acclimatize myself to this new environment and so forth.

In the meantime, here’s a shot of the portable studio set up in my temporary (very cold) apartment.


Looking forward to exploring the Scandinavian electronica scene, so if you have any tips or just want to hang out and talk synths and music let me know!