List of tracks so far. This page lists everything from my first attempt at sequencing with the Maschine software to my latest stuff so expect some embarrassing things the further down the list you go :).


I haven’t posted any new tracks in a while due to traveling and other circumstances, but tonight I had some spare time so I sat down with a borrowed laptop and this little thing came out :).

I did not have any other means of input besides the laptop keyboard so forgive some of the rough edges please. Also, all I had for monitoring was my very cheap ear buds. Thus, levels and EQ is probably all over the place. There has been no mastering (yet). If any one feels up to it let me know and I’ll send you the original file.

I have to return this laptop tomorrow so there is no time left to work on this track, but it was fun working with only a (licensed of course) copy of Ableton Live and a laptop. Hope you like it!

BTW, the samples are from a public repo of NASA transmissions. My interpretation of the terms is that this use should be OK but if that’s not the case let me know and I’ll remove them.

ML 2 Un-less

This is the second track in my new Clicks and Cuts / chopped up crackle and pop direction. It is a bit more ambient than the previous one, but my intention is to keep going up and down the spectrum of very slow and atmospheric to more rhythmic almost drum and bass inspired tracks. This one will probably lead into the ML1 track at some point…
The track was made entirely in the box in Live, using no analog / OB gear at all.

ML 1 Chopped Up Cuts

First exploration in a more more chopped up, broken rhythmic style. No loops used, all percussion was handcrafted in Live.

Cumulus 3 The Quarters

This is the 3rd track in the Cumulus series. As always this is coming from multiple live overdubs using my modular synth and NI’s maschine.

This is music for very late nights, dark rooms and headphones… or any other time and place of your choice of course.

(The Cumulus series is intended to work as a conceptual soundtrack to an abandoned, hulking and alien structure. Use of rich imagination and association is highly recommended!)

Cumulus 2 The Bridge

Part two in the tentatively named Cumulus series. Based entirely on the modular synth, with the exception of the kick drum. This track continues to explore the theme of sound textures started with the Cumulus 1, but this time with a higher tempo.

The track was recorded in multiple layers with the Morphing Terrarium as the primary sound source, except for some guest play from time to time by the Bubblesound VCOs. Only reverb was added as an effect while mixing the layers. There are no other computer generated effects.

Of course, all layers where recorded as continues ‘live’ recordings, each track ‘over dubbing’ the previous ones.

16 Bit Police Car

Imagine if you will a 16 bit police car speeding through a sketchy 2d neighborhood…
I wasn’t really going for it at the outset, but this track soon took of in the direction of old game music some how…

I decided to take a break from the modular stuff and spend some time with Maschine again. This track was made entirely with soft synths from Arturia and percussion samples from Maschine.

It’s a bit corny but I had a lot of fun making it :)

Cumulus 1 The Engine Room

This is a track made entirely with my modular setup. There is no external sequencing or MIDI involved, but some effects like reverb and echo were added through Ableton during recording. Other effects, like the distortion you hear on some sounds, came from patched in guitar stomp boxes.

Each ‘layer’ was recorded separately with a XAOC Moskwa sequencer providing the clock.

The Mystery Club

This is an Electro inspired track that I’ve been doodling with lately. It’s not really Electro in the stricter sense, but somewhere in the border lands between Electro , Pop and some kind of Daft Punk-envy?

Most of the sounds are custom Massive patches, including the percussion which is a mix of Maschine expansion samples and some layered Massive patches…

Anyways, I hope you like this slightly different excursion from the usual Glitzerstrahl sound… (if there is such a sound yet?) :D

Snow (Hakusan #1)

First track of 2013! Happy new year!

This track is the first in what I hope will become a series of songs. I will talk more about the common theme and goal of this series at a later point.

This particular track is trying to capture some of the feeling of walking home late at some cold winter night just as the snow starts to fall.

The track was made entirely using Maschine, but the sounds come from a mixture of custom Massive patches, some heavily modulated and FX’d FM8 patches, Maschine library samples and home made sound effects.

With Your Eyes

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! This will be the last track for 2012!

There’s been a lot of things going on lately, so this track took a while to complete, but here’s my first attempt at something akin to Psytrance. Big shout out to Dave Brown who got me started!

Some interesting things about the track.

1. It was built entirely in Live 8. All leads, pads and basses, except for the sub bass that kicks in from time to time, are made with Massive. No presets, all custom made from scratch.

2. The sub bass that you hear a few times is played lived (overdubbed) on a Moog Little Phatty (custom patch).

3. The percussion is actually composed of 14 different samples and patches stacked and mixed. Building the kick was one of the most rewarding parts of this track :).

4. Don’t ask me why it ended up so long. I was originally planning a 5-6 min track but somewhere along the way it ended up being almost 10… It’s a bit repetitive but I wanted it to have passages long enough to give the listener a chance to get lost in some of the lead riffs :).

Fahrbahn 13 Parnassus Street

A late night session with some analog sounds.

I had this image of Parnassus Street in san Francisco in my head, which is what I tried to capture in the siren like sound that you can hear in the second half.

(Parnassus Street is home to a huge medical center, and I imagine the people who live there get to hear sirens a lot…)

I wanted to create a track that feels like something you would fall asleep to on a rainy evening in that neighborhood (which I have never done, but still :) ).

The street sounds you hear I actually sampled on another street here in SF, but it’s close enough to Parnassus. The crackling noise is a tiny instrument in Live that produces a constant vinyl like noise. The rest is a mix of patches created in Arturia’s CS-80V, Minimoog and Moog Modular emulators, and NI’s Massive.

Fahrbahn 12 Kahlkoepfig

This track is kind of a give-up for me. I’ve been struggling for many nights with getting the right type of melody going but it just refuses to fall into place. So, I’ve decided that this track is finished as is…

Some interesting things going on here is that the sounds you hear are a mix of sequenced hardware (DSI Tetr4 and the Meeblip) playing different arpeggiated melodies, and Arturia’s software emulation of the Minimoog.

I have sampled and worked with loops from my hardware synths in the past, but this is the first time they are allowed to stay ‘alive’ throughout the track. (Yes manually setting up the patches every time I worked on the track was a hassle…)

I wanted to keep the track simple, but still interesting. Might have ended up a bit too simple overall, but this track is what it is :).

Fahrbahn 11 Marseille

This track came together while exploring a very common, old school DnB rhythm. It was recorded ‘live’ (as in from the session clips) into Ableton Live.

Fahrbahn 9 Vostock

What’s most interesting in this track from a Fahrbahn perspective is that it is recorded ‘live’. In this case that means that all the different samples and ‘clips’ that you hear were completed and arranged into rough scenes, but after that I basically played the clips via the APC40 as if the track was a live performance. Therefor every take of this song is unique but I think this one worked out pretty good.

I used the Novation Launchpad as a secondary controller to trigger one-shots and toggle the inserts / plugins. All parameter automation was done live via the APC40.

The sounds are all custom / customized patches for Arturia’s software synths (minimoog V & Jupiter 8v). The buffer effects are live from Audio Damage’s Replicant. As usual, there are no pre made or sampled loops (including percussion and beat).

Fahrbahn 8 Red

Out travelling again. Much farther this time ;).

This song is actually the result of an hour (or so) long improvisation. I started with a 64 bar perc loop that I had running in the background, and the rest of the sounds, melodies and so forth were then recorded while improvising on top of the perc.

After I was done I stitched together the recorded parts and added some one-shots in certain places. Not really 100% happy with the compression on the track as it mangles and accentuates the kick a bit too much.

Die Morgensonne von Innsbruck

My daughter asked me to do another Untz Untz as she calls them, so here we go… I wanted to do more with this track but Maschine maxed out the CPU so bad that in the end it just got impossible to work with the project.

I’m guessing it’s part me pushing maschine to do things its not meant to, part Maschine being single core and part me not using all the available tricks in the Maschine sequencer. Either way, I hope you enjoy it.

Fahrbahn 7 Great Hwy

Ahh… that ever elusive so-called intelligent Drum & Bass… This is another try at getting closer to that goal, but alas its not quite there yet… Well such is the learning journey, and as a song in it’s own right I think it works out pretty good.

The sounds / samples are such an eclectic mix that’s its hard to sort them out, but the percussion is mostly stock Maschine, some of the ambient sounds are from the Transistor Punch expansion. Most of the lead is from Razor (also NI), and there’s a bunch of Arturia software emulations in there as well.

Blau ist die Farbe

Another stab at ‘trancier’ sounds… This time the sounds / samples are a mix of Maschine and Arturia Factory sequenced, and Novation Ultranova overdubs.

There is a fair amount of parameter automation going in since seems to be a lot easier on the CPU than building a complicated effects chain…

Also, if this song taught me anything, it’s that I really need to study the art of mixing and mastering more. Balancing the frequencies gets really hard once the layers start stacking…

Fahrbahn 5 (Modulus)

This song is an attempt / exploration in using very simple, ‘analog sounding’ textures with minimalistic variations. It started with the simple, 2-tone ‘bass’ line and grew from there. I guess you could say its a step in the Space music direction….

Lately I’ve become more and more fascinated with analog synthesis and sound modeling and while I don’t yet own any truly analog gear, I do have access to many software emulations of famous vintage synthesizers.

The sounds you hear in this song are a mix of Moog modular, Arp 2600 and a monophonic little machine I programmed my self. The percussion is from Maschine. Finally the Japanese samples are from my daughter’s calculator…

It’s a bit long perhaps, but give it a chance and see if you like it :)

(The sound quality in the soundcloud version is not very nice. I can send you a better version if you give me a shout.)

Wo ist mein Dymaxion?

Another late night Maschine session, another exploration of trance beats.

Sounds and samples are a wild mix of Massive, Razor, Factory, Maschine and construction work. All the Reaktor / Massive sounds are home grown :).

There was a Buckminster Fuller exhibition at SF MOMA, thus the title :-P.

Herrlicher Stuttgart

This song came out as a result of experimenting with some trance like beates. It probably wont win any prizes for innovation anyway but for me its the first time venturing into this genre. Anyhoo, the building blocks are a mix of stock Maschine percussion samples, home grown or modified Massive and Prism patches and automated Analog Factory sounds. The filters are from Guitar rig, Focusrite’s Scarlet suite and built in Maschine effects. Also, the melody line was inspired by Dave Brown’s Reason tutorial on trance production. All sequencing was done in Maschine.

Fahrbahn 4

This is Moscow!
Another song inspired by travelling. This time the seed was a sample I stumbled upon where Radio Moscow announces the successful launch of Yuri Gagarin onboard Vostok 1. Sounds/Samples are a mix of stock maschine drums/percussion, NI Reaktor Spark and Massive synthesis and finally some samples from a long lost era of great dreams.

Fahrbahn 3

Another late night Maschine session, another ‘travelling song’. This one is intentionally very low key. The plan is to use this one to tie together two other passages. It’s a little bit long and it requires head phones or some nice speakers for the nuances to come out, but imagine your’re riding in a car that’s speeding down a rainy european high way in the middle of the night… ;-)


Another Maschine song. Not sure what I was looking for this time but it had something to do with travel, thus the train like backing. The sounds are a mixture of the built in Maschine samples, emulations from Arturia’s Analog Factory running as a VST plugin and a Hello Kitty calculator toy.


This song was doodled out while experimenting with ideas for some application background music for a friend. It’s meant to loop which explains the abrupt ending.


This song came about as part of learning about plugins and effects in Maschine

Farhbahn (1)

This little thing is my very first attempt at putting together an entire song using Maschine only. It’s a very simple do-re-me kind of melody but everything is built up from individual samples, which is a first for me. I called it Fahrbahn since I’m hoping this little tune will represent the start of this journey.

What do you think?

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