Pad modes on the Maschine

Maschine Pad ModesHere’s a quick tip that took a while for me to figure out.

Say you’ve loaded up a group of samples to the pads on the Maschine, and you switch the Pad mode over to Keyboard to lay down a melody line or similar. When you want to switch back it’s easy to think that you should hold down the PAD MODE button and hit either [BUTTON 3 or 4]. Trick is this will not switch your pads back to normal operation, but instead take them into one of the below modes:

  • KEYBD – All pads play the same sample but with a different pitch (16 halftones). This mode is also known as Piano Roll
  • 16 VEL – All pads play the same sample with the same pitch, but with 16 different velocities
  • FIXED VEL – Pads play their assigned samples but with a fixed velocity

To switch them back to normal operation, simple hold down PAD MODE and hit [BUTTON 2] again to ‘turn off’ the Keyboard mode.

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