Copying Patterns in Maschine

Just a quick note  about copying patterns in the Maschine software. If you’ve laid down a pattern that you’re happy with, and you want to continue to expand on it but still keep the original, maybe as part of building out a song. The easiest way of doing this (in software) seems to be to simple hold down the Option key (Mac) and then drag its tab over to a new empty tab. This will copy it’s entire contents into a new patterns and you can start adding / subtracting stuff again.

Note that this can also be done in HW very easily:

Press and hold the PATTERN button. The lit pads now each represent a pattern with notes. Note that the DUPLICATE button lights up. Now if you also press and hold the DUPLICATE button, and tap a non-lit pad, the current pattern will be copied into the slot represented by the pad you tapped. Remember that you cannot override the data in an existing pattern using this method so you can only copy into an empty slot, which is why you need to tap an unlit pad.

[Applies to Maschine 1.7]

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