The Sound….

When I was first discovering trance and techno music back in the early nineties, some of my great heroes where people like Paul van Dyk, Sven Väth, Cosmic Baby, Rob Haigh (Omni Trio), Carl Cox, LTJ Bukem and Aphex Twin. The sound they produced back then (and some still do) has had a huge impact on my preference in electronic music.

I also really really like the more ‘simple’ and in some sense low-tech feeling of even earlier electronica such as Kraftwerk, Organisation, Tangerine Dream and the typical sound of early Krautrock bands. I think some later albums such as Andreas Tilliander’s Ljud and Cliphop, as well as Pluxus’ ultra-melodic low-bit music somehow in my mind fuses these linages into a completely new sound that I really enjoy.

I really want to try and put together something very minimalistic that lies somewhere in the middle of Glitch and the more melodic stuff from Ljud… But I still have a long way to go before I can get the stuff I have playing in my head through the tools and into an actual track…

Fight on…

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