Software synth plugins…

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Lots of things besides making music going on (all very good things!). I’m currently working on putting together my first attempt at making a trance song, which is proving to be quite a task when you don’t have a good software synth to work with. This has lead me to search high and low for a good (as in versatile)  synth that will run as a VST plugin, so that I can use it (read sequence it) within Maschine.

Thor (the polysonic synth that comes with Reason) is awesome and endless in it’s capabilities, but it wont run as a stand alone VST (unless you try to pull some rewire magic, but that has proven to be less than stable…). Several other options exist, especially if your’re a PC user (poor you…) but most of them integrate poorly with Maschine.

Anyways, it turns out that Native Instrument has you covered. Native Instruments has an awesome collection of software synths that you can either buy stand alone (expensive) or as part of the Komplete bundle (not cheap but super reasonable considering all the instruments, effects and secret sauce you get for the price…).

If like me you are struggling to find the right attack angle on the Maschine world for more synth heavy music, please check them out on the following page:

(Also, if you want to help me achieve my goal of actually owning the software linked above, there is now a Donate button at the bottom of this page, just keep scrolling… :)

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