The plot thickens (MIDI Sequencer pt. 2)

I’ve been searching for a cheap, simple MIDI sequencing tool for some time, and I finally got this off of ebay.

Yamaha QY10

Behold the Yamaha QY10. A MIDI sequencer built and sold by Yamaha back in the early 90’s. This is the original portable music workstation that spawned the term ‘walkstation’. It is essentially a portable tool for composing, with an 8 track midi sequencer and a tiny 1 octave keyboard. However, one of the primary uses of this device today is to drive other MIDI enabled equipment. Think of it as a portable melody exploration tool that you can hook up to a more powerful synth or other instrument once back home. (At least that’s how I plan on using it.)

Now what other use could I have for this? ;-)

Read more about the QY10 at Wikipedia:

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