Another awesome piece of hardware (Drone Lab)

After taking my first steps into DIY synthesis just a few days ago, today I ran across a device called the Drone Lab, which is a 4 voice analog synth that creates super rich and creamy sound textures (called ‘drones’) by combining 2 de-tuned oscillators and then adding further oscillators tuned to other harmonic steps, to fill out the sound scape. Or in the words of it’s creator:

A drone is created by slightly de-tuning 2 oscillators. This creates a rhythmic phase canceling effect as the output waves line up and diverge. The density of the drone can be increased by adding more oscillators tuned by harmonic steps above or below the other oscillators.

This is another piece of equipment that you buy as a kit, but this one requires a lot more soldering and engineering. It’s also more expensive which puts it off the table for now for me. If I had more experience with these things I would by the PCB and the components separately and build it my self, but it’s too early for that still.

Anyways, check it out and listen to some of the samples. It sounds awesome! Also, check out the rest of Peter Edwards’ site and works while your at it!

About the Drone Lab

About Peter (Casper Electronics)

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