Modular Synth…. + Adventures with Arturia (final)

So the replacement Analog Factory controller arrived a few days ago, and Hello Music was kind enough to upgrade the package to their latest deal, which included besides the controller, 2 free software instruments from Arturia. (Kudos, Hello Music for the great Customer Support!). Unpacked and setup, everything works like a charm.

On another thread, lately I’ve become increasingly fascinated with Modular synthesizers. The hulking giant messes of patch cables and blinking LEDs that predates all the compact, more often than not digital synthesizers that are popular today.

Most people’s image of a Modular

With a modular synth, I would be free to build, combine, extend, patch and pass signals around to create any sound possible, limited only by the modules available in my setup, space and the money to actually by the gear.

The main hurdles to get started on that path though are space and money. Building out a fully functional modular synth requires a pretty hefty investment up fron (think 3-5 thousand dollars according to my research) depending on where you put the bar. Also, once a modular starts to grow you will need space to actually house the cabinets for all the different modules.

Doepfer (Germany) is one of the largest current manufacturers of Modulars

Thus I have decided (for now) that this is something I need to put off until we are back in Japan, where we have a house with ample space.

In the mean time, thanks to Hello Music and Arturia, I was able to get my hands on Arturia’s software implementation of the Modular Moog, which gives a very nice representation of a Moog modular synth complete with on-screen patching and routing capabilities. This will be a good starting point to learn more about the different modules that usually go into a modular, and how the interact.

Part of the Modular Moog V (2.5) Software instrument from Arturia (On screen Keyboard is not shown)

Learn more about the Arturia instruments here:

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