Welcome Dan Echo!

Here’s something that came as a big revelation to me when I first saw it. Guitar effect pedals are an awesome addition to your synth setup!

( Keep in mind that I’m still a beginner in this field ;-), I’m easily impressed. )

I already had a distortion / fuzz pedal (Plimsoul) for my strat that I really, really like the sound of, and putting it in front of for example the Animoog running on the iPad, or the Meeblip gives a whole new range of possible sounds. I especially like how it gives you a truly tactile and immediate way of manipulating effects while playing live. Also, since it’s actual hardware sitting in the signal path before your instrument reaches the interface, it puts 0 load on the CPU of the host computer.

The obvious downside of course is that you cannot go back and manipulate parameters or dry/wet mix after the recording is done, but to me that is part of the thrill of recording a ‘live’ set.

Disclaimer: :)
That sounded very serious. To be honest, recording live is something I’ve only recently started to explore.

On that note however, I’ve been looking at adding a reverb/echo unit to my setup. If you are going to take the compact (like a pedal) route, one of the best options is def. the Eventide Space and TimeFactor stompboxes (http://www.eventide.com/AudioDivision/Products/StompBoxes.aspx) but they are a bit pricey for someone like me who is just starting out. Instead, I decided to take the opposite extreme and pick up an Echo pedal at Ebay :).

I found the Dan Echo pedal for only $30, and it was more or less exactly what I wanted. Very simple echo effect with separate controls for Repeats, Speed, Mix and Hi Cut. There is also a Low / Hi switch which let’s you change between a classical Echo effect (hi) and a more rocka-billy short echo (lo). It’s built like a tank and looks like it could really take a beating.

I’ve tested it out with my strat and the meeblip, and it sounds great! Highly recommend it if your looking for a cheap echo unit for your setup. I’ll point out when I have a recording of it uploaded.

I bought mine used, but you can get it new from amazon: Danelectro DE-1 Dan Echo Effects Pedal, if you’d rather get a mint one.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Dan Echo!

  1. Reblogged this on audiophilesjourney and commented:
    This is a very interesting idea I have never even thought about! As we all know, every piece of hardware and software sounds different, this would be a brilliant way to get some really original synth sounds, live and in the studio.


  2. It’s also relatively cheap as opposed to actual effect units. At least you can experiment for the types of sounds you want with the pedals, and then invest in better sounding equipment later :).


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