New Song (Fahrbahn 5 Modulus)

This song is an attempt / exploration in using very simple, ‘analog sounding’ textures with minimalistic variations. It started with the simple, 2-tone ‘bass’ line and grew from there.

Lately I’ve become more and more fascinated with analog synthesis and sound modeling and while I don’t yet own any truly analog gear, I do have access to many software emulations of famous vintage synthesizers.

The sounds you hear in this song are a mix of Moog modular, Arp 2600 and a monophonic little machine I programmed my self. The percussion is from Maschine. Finally the Japanese samples are from my daughter’s calculator…

It’s a bit long perhaps, but give it a chance and see if you like it :)

(The sound quality in the soundcloud version is not very nice. I can send you a better version if you give me a shout.)

6 thoughts on “New Song (Fahrbahn 5 Modulus)

  1. I really like the modulated synths that come in around 5:45. This song has a “big” feel to it but stays pretty throughout…almost reminds me of Postal Service in its elements.


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