Music For Kids (part 2)

I’ve mentioned before that I sometimes make background music for mobile apps and games and I’ve just completed the first version of a song for a children’s game. Since this music will most often be heard over the internal speakers on an iPad / iPhone, this time I set it up so that while working on the track I could easily listen to it via my iPad. This meant I could check the result of the mix and mastering and optimize levels for the right conditions.

I was going back and forth with some more electronic vibes but then decided to build a more traditional, acoustic sounding track that I think will work well in an app for 3-8 year olds.

Linn says she likes it so I guess it passes QA :). Keep in mind that it’s meant to loop so the cutoff is pretty sudden.


For more on app / game music, check out: Henry’s Engine

What do you think?

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