New additions to the FX chain

Today as I got back from work, a most unexpected but awesome surprise was waiting. I got a notice saying that a package had arrived, though I was not expecting anything. As I picked it up I noticed it was from a great old friend in Tokyo, Ryuuichi Hirose san, which only added to the mystery. After all, I was certainly not expecting anything from Japan.

As I opened it up there were two effect pedals inside, a Boss Mega Distortion (MD2) and a Maxon Chorus (BC-01).

Turns out he’d been talking to my wife and after discussing my adventures into music making, he decided to donate two pedals that he wasn’t using any longer. This is a great gift since additions like those are perfect for experimenting with the sound of the Meeblip or and other monophonic instruments. In fact, I had been looking at the MD2 specifically just a few days ago at Guitar Center…

I haven’t had a chance to plug them in yet, but they will come to great use!

I want to give a warm Thank you to Hirose san, not many friends would go through the trouble! Your support makes me even more determined to get this project off the ground!

What do you think?

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