Electronics, the final frontier

The hardware project that I and my secret associate (soon to be revealed of course) is working on is rapidly approaching a working prototype. My contribution so far has been more on the feature / design side of things, mostly because I so sorely lack experience in the world of electronics. I’m hoping this will change though thanks to this project, and I can already see a little bit of progress in the fact that I am getting pretty used to handling bread boards, patch cables, resistors and potentiometers.

My big hurdle though that remains a huge drawback is that I just don’t have the skills required to solder properly yet. The plan is to try and find some time to practice this week, so that I can solder the required header on to my LCD and start reading some proper output off of the beautiful mess you see in the photos below :).

I really think this is a skill that will come in handy going forward. I’ve heard countless stories of fellow synth heads needing to re-solder or otherwise fix up older gear, and now that I’ve started to accumulate some of my own I’d hate to stand helpless should any of it break. (Looking at you MS2000R…) Only recently I discovered that one of the MIDI pins on my meeblip had a cold solder joint which prevented it from receiving MIDI notes. Would have been a dead simple thing to fix for anyone with moderate soldering experience…

Anyways, soldering and a general understanding of practical electronics is something I really recommend you pick up if you are getting into electronic music making, at least if you consider ever venturing outside of the world of pure software gear :).


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