One more update on Bitwig Studio (AU and Max/MSP)

Ok, enough with the Bitwig posts already I hear you say. Sure, I get it, just one last little thing.

I have just learned, again directly from the Bitwig team, 2 significant details that I think you will want to know:

  1. Bitwig Studio will not support AU plugins.
    This is not such a huge deal since most plugins (except for some apple specific ones) usually come in both a VST and AU version. Also, since there are plenty of wrappers that can take VST plugin and provide the callable interfaces necessary to make it appear as an AU compatible plugin, most 3rd party AU plugins are probably wrapped VSTs anyway… The reasoning here is that Bitwig studio is exactly the same on all 3 platforms (win/mac/linux), so AU support falls out of scope as being platform specific. However, AU support might come in a future version according to the team.
  2. Bitwig Studio will not support Max/MSP.
    The announcement of Max for Live made quite the news bringing with it a new modular programming approach to Live. Max/MSP however will not be supported by Bitwig Studio, not in V1 and probably not going forward either according to Bitwig. This kind of makes sense given that Bitwig has it’s own ‘native modular framework’, though not much is known about this framework yet. (Check near the bottom of the Bitwig homepage.)

So there you have it. More info is bound to start sipping out about Bitwig as they ramp up on Beta testing and start to appear more in the public media. For now I’ll keep you posted with what I know, for as much as I can share :).

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3 thoughts on “One more update on Bitwig Studio (AU and Max/MSP)

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    • But it kind of makes sense if you consider how they are trying to build their own ‘native modular’ layer. It will prob. be possible to extend it to Max at some point but bitwig tells me they have no plans to provide support.


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