Inspiration (Headflux @Pyramind)

If you are feeling low and drained after the weekend, let me direct you to a set of incredibly inspiring videos over at the Pyramind site, to kick you into gear again:

From the Pyramind website:

Join Scottish Producer/DJ and Physicist, Hedflux, as he guides you through one of his ‘Psychedelic Tech-Funk’ tracks. Not only will you learn to synthesize, program and create grooves, but Hedflux will walk you through his approach to creativity and music as well as how his scientific background continues to inspire him.

They require an account at the Pyramind site (which is free and you should get one anyway since they have a ton of great content!).

It’s a long session but Headflux talkes about everything from concrete Ableton Live tips and workflow, to the importance of the great cosmic frequencies and how they inspire his music.

Check it out at

If you already have an account I think the following link will work: Direct Link


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