New Song (Die Morgensonne von Innsbruck)

My daughter asked me to do another Untz Untz as she calls them, so here we go… I wanted to do more with this track, such as adding another build/bridge and some more melodic stab/pluck stuff, but Maschine maxed out the CPU so bad that in the end it just got impossible to work with the project.

For the record, this track uses 2 FM8, 2 Prism, 1 Razor, 3 Massive and 3 Spark instances, and there are no pre-made loops in the dums/perc section. I could probably ease the load on the CPU by bouncing some of the parts to loops and import them back in, but that’s really hard given the scene-based workflow of Maschine…

I’m guessing it’s part me pushing maschine to do things its not meant to, part Maschine being single core and part me not using all the available tricks in the Maschine sequencer. Either way, I hope you enjoy it.

What do you think?

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