It’s pretty simple really. If you want to make great electronic music, listen to great electronic music. A lot! And actually, the part about ‘great’ isn’t all that important. In fact, just listen to a lot of music in general.

So, I’ve made a new commitment. Apart from actively listening through sources of more or less established music, lately I try to make sure that I listen to all the new tracks that are published in the SoundCloud groups I’m a member of. I don’t necessarily listen through the entire tracks (unless it picks my interest) but I try to at least scan through all of them, and where possible leave a comment or two. This ‘forces’ me listen to a great variety of tracks both in terms of quality and style, and it helps me connect with others that are also trying to get their music out there.

Highly recommend it as a source of music and inspiration :).

What do you think?

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