It’s a small world…

Isn’t it interesting how Ableton was created by a group of ex-Native Instruments people who wanted to build a DAW (while NI was more interested in focusing on actual instruments), and how some of the key tech people from Ableton left after almost 10 years to start Bitwig?

Bitwig’s first commercial product ‘Bitwig Studio’ is rapidly becoming the new underdog DAW that everyone hopes will either overthrow Live or at least force Ableton to finally release a new version.

It’s a small business after all, and a lot of the good stuff seems to come from Germany ;)

If not from Scandinavia. Did you know that one third (Marcus Zetterquist, CTO) of the group of three that started Propellerhead Software (Reason) came from Steinberg (Cubase, Nuendo)? At the time he was also working for Clavia (Nord, DDrum), as was Pelle Jubel (another third of the original Propellerhead team)…

The list and connections go on and on :).

What do you think?

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