First EP (Farhbahn) self-published :D

I’ve released (as in totally self-published at bandcamp) my first EP. Even though it’s not profesional by any measure, for me personally its a big milestone.

This time I decided to put together three of the more analog, space-jamy kind of tracks that I’ve been working on. There are two reasons for this choice.

The first is that they represent the start of a journey for me. These songs are really my first attempt at getting some of the music I have in my head out and into a format that can be saved and shared. I’m learning and exploring more main stream kinds of music as well, but these songs are close to what I had in mind when I first started down this path.

The second is that they all came about using similar techniques, workflows and sounds. All three of them started with a very simple 2-3 tone bass line, and percussion / drums where kept very simple on each track. They also share a (imho) nice analog feeling since most of the sounds are from emulations of classic analog gear (think moog modular, arp 2600 and so on).

The timing is also interesting. This release coincides with me making a more serious commitment to Ableton Live as a working environment as well. All my tracks so far have been sequenced entirely in Maschine, but for the level I want to take my songs to next it is simply too scene / pattern based and too restricted in terms of lane automation and other ‘features’.

My only fear is that having crossed over this one milestone, and with the switch in environment, my productivity will drop leading to frustration and loss of motivation. I will do my best to make sure that does not happen.

You can buy or download the EP at bandcamp from the link below, or from the following page. You can enter any price you want (including 0 of course), every dollar and download counts :)

Last I want to thank everyone for your support so far. Your encouraging comments and ‘likes’ mean the world to me! Onwards!!

What do you think?

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