New Song (Fahrbahn 9 Vostok)

What’s most interesting in this track from a Fahrbahn perspective is that it is recorded ‘live’. In this case that means that all the different samples and ‘clips’ that you hear were completed and arranged into rough scenes, but after that I basically played the scenes/clips via the APC40 as if the track was a live performance. Therefor every take of this song is unique but I think this one worked out pretty good.

Also, this is the first track I’ve completed entirely in Ableton Live :)

I used the Novation Launchpad as a secondary controller to trigger one-shots and toggle the inserts / plugins. All parameter automation was done live via the APC40.

The sounds are all custom / customized patches for Arturia’s software synths (minimoog V & Jupiter 8v). The buffer effects are live from Audio Damage’s Replicant. As usual, there are no pre made or sampled loops (including percussion and beat).

I wanted to record video to go with this track but I don’t have a camera yet so that will have to wait for another day… If you want to watch my bobbing head while performing this track please consider buying the Fahrbahn EP from bandcamp :)

What do you think?

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