New Song (Fahrbahn 12 Kahlkoepfig)

This track is kind of a give-up for me. I’ve been struggling for many nights with getting the right type of melody going but it just refuses to fall into place. So, I’ve decided that this track is finished as is…

Some interesting things going on here is that the sounds you hear are a mix of sequenced hardware (DSI Tetr4 and the Meeblip) playing different arpeggiated melodies, and Arturia’s software emulation of the Minimoog.

I have sampled and worked with loops from my hardware synths in the past, but this is the first time they are allowed to stay ‘alive’ throughout the track. (Yes manually setting up the patches every time I worked on the track was a hassle…)

I wanted to keep the track simple, but still interesting. Might have ended up a bit too simple overall, but this track is what it is :).

Thanks for listening!

2 thoughts on “New Song (Fahrbahn 12 Kahlkoepfig)

  1. Believe it or not, this may be my favorite Glitzerstrahl track. I would need to go back and re-listen to ealier material to be sure, but this seems to be closest to a vintage sound to me.


  2. Thank you! Yes it is certainly the most vintage in terms of the sound sources, being entirely composed of actual analog gear and a software version of the Minimoog. One thing I realized when working on this track was how difficult it is to get the kind of classical harmony and melody building that Kraftwerk and other old school synth bands has. I think that type of melodies relies heavily on a classical music tradition that is hard to attain without proper training, whereas many newer forms of electronica are much more ‘free’ in terms of breaking those classic rules… I really need some formal training…


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