Ableton Live 9 Workshop in San Francisco

I was very excited to learn that there is a Ableton Live 9 workshop happening this weekend in San Francisco, in the Supperclub SF venue at Harrison street! The workshop is divided into two parts. The first half focuses on composing and song writing, and the second half on DJ’ing and live mixing/performance.

This will be an excellent chance to learn more about the new features of Live 9. The only unfortunate details is that it looks like it will focus   on workflow with the APC40 and not the new Push controller. I would have loved to have a chance to play around with that one.

The instructor for the first part is taught by Ableton Certified Trainer Timo Preece, who was living and working in Tokyo for a long time before returning to San Francisco. He in my opinion is a very interesting artist that explores both composition and controllerism, and I’m really excited to get a chance to listen to him talk about Live 9. Hopefully he will also talk about how he uses it in his workflow.

The second half will be led by Liam Shy, a highly prolific DJ / Producer and promoter of electronic music in the Bay area. I have never had a chance to meet him or listen to his work, but his combination of artistic expression and community involvement really resonates with me so listening to him will be very interesting. He’s also a graduate of the Pyramind school in San Francisco, that I’m thinking of taking some courses at next year.

If you are interested in Live 9 (who isn’t?) and in the Bay area you should check this out! You can find more info here:

I will post some notes after the event, but nothing beats seeing it in person! Tickets are $50, you can pick them up here:

Hope to see you there!

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