Ableton Live 9 Release Date (?)

I just came across this listing at the Guitar Center site:

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 12.42.28 AM

According to the listing Push for Ableton Live 9 will be available at February 10 next year (2013). I guess that pegs the release date for Live 9 at February 10 2013 as well?

At the same time Musicians Friend has Push listed with a release date of February 17:

UPDATE: As pointed out in the comments, Guitar Center is now reporting March 18, and Musicians Friend is at March 25…

UPDATE 2: Ableton has now officially announced March 5 as the release date for both Live 9 and Push via their website:

Are you getting Live9? What about Push? I know I’m getting both! :)

10 thoughts on “Ableton Live 9 Release Date (?)

  1. Nice blog you have here…

    I’ve been using Live (Suite) as my sole DAW for years now. I don’t guess I’ll really have an option, although I may wait until the first or second update to make sure all the bugs (the big ones anyways) are worked out. The features that I’ve read about so far are cool (i.e. integrating EQ 8 & Spectrum into one unit a la Fab Filter)…but aside from Push and their website with it’s “can you read this across the street” font size, I still don’t really know *how* 9 will benefit me specifically…


    • I think your comment echoes the thoughts of many. While there are fixes to many minor annoyances such as the layout of the browser and the ability to expand the view of (some?) plugins and effects, the really big features are less obvious. For me I’m rally curious about the new audio to midi stuff. I bet that’s going to open the doors to a lot of new creativity (and creative copying :) ).

      I’m actually very interested in Push. To me it looks like an APC for those of us who make music instead of DJ’ing with Live.

      The price is rather steep though, especially for those of us who invested in Live recently…


  2. ^^ If you purchased it recently, reach out to Ableton’s support department and see if you can be grandfathered into the free upgrade. They’re usually pretty cool. I had to work with them years ago after completing my MBA and they still gave me the student discount.

    I too am curious about the audio -> MIDI capability…and how it will differ from that same capability in Ableton currently.


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