Day 4 in Japan

Today my wife, daughter and me all went to a local ear clinic to get a checkup on our hearing. Turns out my ability to pick up sounds around the 8k hertz band has dropped in my right side ear, which is certainly a good thing to know when mixing down a track :).


The keyboard and the rest of our stuff from San Francisco arrived. I was a bit worried about the keyboard case, but it turned out the protection and cushioning inside had kept the keyboard in perfect shape.

I set up my temporary studio in a tatmi room here at the house, and spent the evening working on the psytrance track I’ve been doodling with lately.

I have to say it’s very nice to work in a tatami room because you are so low and close to the floor. It feels like you can simply spread out instruments and controllers all around you and everything is within reach. Also, as soon as you get tired you can just lay down and listen through the track or some other music. I wonder if there is any way I can use the tatami room in our house in Tokyo as a studio some day…

Finally I picked up a new digital compact camera today. A Sony Nex 5N (one of those compacts that you can switch the optics on). Planning to put it to good use on this trip so hopefully there will be some higher quality photos coming :).

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