Day 13 in Japan

After the positive responses to the ‘Snow’ track I released yesterday I’m excited to start work on the next song. I’ve gathered some inspiration already and will probably start tracking and sequencing tonight.

I’ve had this persistent cough for the past month that just won’t go away. In fact I coughed so heavily that about a week ago I broke the cartilage of my lower right rib… The pain is finally starting to subside but in order to fight the cough I went to a hospital to examine my lungs. The diagnosis: Acute Bronchitis…

In other news, I can’t stop thinking about the possibility of venturing into the world of modular synthesizers. I have read through all the Doepfer base system module manuals online to the point where I now feel like I fully understand the purpose, operations and capabilities of each module. The one thing I still haven’t completely decided is whether the modular approach will offer me enough value and sound sculpting possibilities that I could not achieve through software or other means…

Investing in a modular system is a significant commitment both in terms of money, time and creative direction. To me the great appeal is actually trifold. First it’s the ability to build a completely custom rig, tailored to the musical style and sounds that I want to work with. The second is the hands on, physical interface with all the intuitive and creative possibilities it offers. The last is the learning experience of building my own signal paths and patching my own sounds.

There is also the added benefit of cost. That might sound like a contradiction, but after the initial investment, additional modules are actually pretty reasonably priced, and it allows you to invest in the parts of the system you need the most without having to buy an entire new instrument.

The Doepfer system in particular has very reasonable prices, but if you want to expand into more esoteric / boutique modules of a higher quality you can mix and match modules from many different manufactures (as long as they adhere to the Eurorack standard) in your synth. With the right converters you could even go so far as to patch the signal of one synth into another if you want to create really unique sounds.

I’ll make up my mind before I return to the US… Will keep you posted.

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