Last 2 Weeks in Japan (Day 20 – 35)

After the post on fiveG in Harajuku, which was technically Day 19 in Japan, I spent one week working in Tokyo. During this time there wasn’t much music being made of course, but I did sample a lot of nice environments, including busy streets, trains, stations and airports.

46313_3651148857833_152942227_nI spent most of my after work hours studying modular synth design and patch techniques, and reading through the excellent book “Power tools for synthesizer programming” (check it out in the Library section).

After a week in Tokyo I returned to Ishikawa Ken (on the other side of Japan) and resumed work on the new track (“The Mystery Club“), as well as a couple of other tracks for the Hakusan Project. I hope I will have the time to complete those before the end of February.

My last update is again related to modulars. My good friend NOR in Sweden has designed an LFO module for the Eurorack format which he is currently testing. If all goes well he will share the schematics and component requirements with me and I’ll build one as well :)

There’s just a couple of days left of this journey, which has so far been incredibly productive, but I will try to make the most of the time remaining as well. More to follow on that.

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