Installing the XAOC Warna

Tonight I found the time to install the Warna module from XAOC Devices, and I took some photos of the process :). If you’re curious about the module itself it’s a Buffered Multiple / Mixer utility module with some nice additional features:

warna is a quite self- explanatory yet extremely useful utility module that helps you to work with control voltages in your system. you can use it to distribute voltage sources precisely, to swap their polarity and to mix your cvs and audio signals together.

Check out the pictures below.


Here’s the module, fresh out of the box. The build quality is really awesome!


The gaping hole in my setup where the Warna will be installed. Warna is a 6hp module so the 2hp Pittsburgh multiple will have to move over.


To install the ribbon power cable I had to also remove one of the blind panels. The ribbon cable should be installed with the red strip facing downwards (as is the case with almost all Doepfer compatible modules).


Installed and good to go. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about this module, it’s features or performance.

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