New Video (Cumulus 1 [WIP])

The starting point of a track made entirely with my modular rack. No MIDI or external sequencing but reverb was added while recording through Ableton Live.

The track is still being worked on so this video only shows the first version. I’ll continuously post videos as parts are added, and that way you can see how the track builds up.

In essence what you hear is built up by an XAOC Moskwa sequencer modulating a Pittsburgh filter cutoff that filters a set of 3 separately tuned Bubblesound VCOb oscillators.

A Pittsburgh mixer is manually manipulated to change the mix of the three oscillators, and the resonance, QVC and cutoff of the filter is also manually tweaked during the course of the track.

The Attack and Release of the envelope (of which there is only 1 (TipTop Z4000)) is set randomly and gated by the Moskwa, and there is a slew limiter (Doepfer a-170) patched in between one of the oscillators, and the random voltage of the Release of the envelope.

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