Solder Practice


Lately with my focus on modular synthesizer hardware I’ve found soldering, and a basic understanding of electrical circuitry, to be an essential skill. It really helps to be able to quickly fix minor problems your self rather than rely on sending in modules for servicing by the manufacturer.

I know basically nothing about soldering when I started (which was very recently), and despite everyone saying that it’s really easy, it was actually quite a hurdle to get over the first few steps. In particular just knowing where to start and understanding the different terms and tools necessary. Sure I agree it’s not rocket science, but at the same time I at least wanted to learn the basics thoroughly.

My recommendation when getting started with this stuff is to get a solid, digital, variable temperature soldering station. Getting the right temperature and maintaining it is extremely important (especially for beginners like me) to create good solder joints.

Next, get a solder practice kit and work through the exercises. You’ll find that they are well thought through and give you a chance to practice all the basics.

Finally, youtube and the web are your friends. There is an abundance of information and tutorials out there. Study them and you’ll master the basics in no time.

What do you think?

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