Glitzerstrahl on Custom Made Music

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Dave Allison from Custom Made Music, asking for permission to include one of the Cumulus tracks on his label’s Spring Mixer collection. The Mixer is essentially a show case of new and (hopefully) upcoming artists in the genre of shoegaze, noise pop, dream pop and alternative rock.

The Mixer is printed in a limited run and distributed to radio stations, tv stations, blogs and other sites of potential review or air time. It’s really a promotional tool intended to get the word about the participating artists out as wide as possible.

I said yes of course, distribution is (almost) never a bad thing, and Part 1 of the mixer is now up on 8tracks.

The track that Dave selected from me is called Fahrbahn 14 – Cumulus Forming (Available on the Fahrbahn II album after the jump) and is made entirely using my modular synth. It represents the bridge between the first year of Farhbahn tracks into the Cumulus tracks of year 2.

Check it out via the links below:

Please note that this does not mean that Glitzerstrahl is now tied to or released / distributed by Custom Made in general.

3 thoughts on “Glitzerstrahl on Custom Made Music

  1. Hey, what were your experiences with Dave from Custom made Records? Did it any good? Was it worth the 65 bucks? i ask because he mailed us through bandCamp also.


  2. Well, it was good in the sense that it gave some distribution, which is always nice. I saw it mostly as an experiment and did not expect much. He promised to send CDs as well to motivate the cost but those never materialised. Also, there is no way to track more closely if your music actually gets any airtime.

    He seems legit but not very professional in my opinion. Depending on how much you value this type of distribution (online mix-tape / collage radio / blogs …) it might be worth it for you.


    • Dave did this with me. He contacted me in March 2012 saying he liked my stuff and asking for $65 to help with the CD run. I asked him periodically about it and he kept saying it was coming. Eventually I asked if it was coming at all and he said that my copies in the mail. This happened a couple of times. Finally, more than a year later, I asked in some relevant Facebook groups and nobody had heard of the 2012 sampler, whereupon I asked Dave flat-out for my money back, which he DID refund. He was still really sketchy about it and while I think he did intend for the sampler to happen, he never pulled it off. I’m pretty sorry to hear he’s still doing this because it was a rotten experience and I’d have thought he’d have been put off it after I called him out.


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