Japan Shopping #3 – Logicool K480

I’ve had my eyes on this keyboard for some time since I wanted a better input method for my iPad. The K480 is great as it let’s you pair up to 3 devices, which means I can have it ‘connected’ to my iPad, my iPhone and my Mac at the same time.


An added benefit of purchasing it here in Japan is that I also got the Japanese keyboard arrangement.

The only downside I see after using it for a couple of days is that the iDevices wont respond to arrow key strokes outside of input fields, which means you can’t scroll webpages or the home screen. I minor problem perhaps but still a bit annoying.

2 thoughts on “Japan Shopping #3 – Logicool K480

    • Yup, that’s really the selling point for me as well. I just wish I was able to control the iPad and iPhone more without having to reach over the keys and touch the screen… luxury problems I know but still :)


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