IsoAcoustics speaker stands, real deal or fake?

Turns out, they’re the real deal! One of my Adam monitors (A3X) started making a strange humming noise a while back, and when I took it in for service I noticed they had the IsoAcoustics stands in the store.

At first my plan was to upgrade to the A5X in case the A3X was really a goner, but it turns out the problem was a wattage converter on the same plug in my home, so instead I opted for the IsoAcoustics stands.

I’d had my eyes on them for a while and was really interested in trying them out. I got the smallest ones (ISO L8R130) thinking they should be perfect for my A3X and also able to hold up a 5″ pair in case I upgrade in the future.

DSC02245Unboxing I found the base and the ‘shelf’ part, along with risers of 2 different lengths. There are also sets of shorter ‘plugs’ that you insert into the risers to tilt the speakers back forward or backward.

Setup was easy, but due to the construction you have to spend some time calibrating the for corners of the stands so that your monitors come out level. It’s easy to end up with one corner not as snuggle fitted as the others which means the monitor will lean in various directions.

After setup was done though I immediately noticed a significant change in the sound. The representation is now much clearer and wider than before (monitors used to sit on top of foam wedges). In a very unscientific way it feels like I just added a couple of inches. As an added bonus they also look really nice on the desk.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

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