Glitzerstrahl – one man and his electronic instruments.


My name is Henrik Johansson. I was born and raised in Sweden, spent 8 years in Japan before ending up in San Francisco for a few of years and am now living in Sweden again.

Glitzerstrahl was born from a marriage of lifelong fascination with music and electronics and an iron strong belief in a bright future enabled by technology.

The music oozes of analog circuits and old school synthesis, beating to the pulse of the era of atoms and electricity. Any one familiar with the sounds of Kraftwerk, OMD, The Normal or Cabaret Voltaire will know exactly what to expect.

At the same time Glitzerstrahl faces forward, always searching for that junction in the road where the sounds of our era meets the past. In the catalog you will find everything from trance inspired tracks to drum and bass, as well as experimental and space / ambient electronica.

In this blog I document my journey towards mastering the tools and techniques of making electronic music. Please feel free to join the journey with me.

I also take requests for app/game background music. Let me know if your interested and I can provide a list of references.

Hk (Globe_59 / Glitzerstrahl)

Note: The name Glitzerstrahl comes from the lyrics of the Kraftwerk song Autobahn, from the album with the same name released in 1974:

Wir fahr'n fahr'n fahr'n auf der Autobahn
Vor uns liegt ein weites Tal
 Die Sonne scheint mit Glitzerstrahl
Die Fahrbahn ist ein graues Band
 Weisse Streifen, gruener Rand
Jetzt schalten wir ja das Radio an
 Aus dem Lautsprecher klingt es dann:
 Wir fah'rn auf der Autobahn...
We are driving on the Autobahn
In front of us is a wide valley
 The sun is shining with glittering rays
The driving strip is a grey track
 White stripes, green edge
We are switching the radio on
 From the speaker it sounds:
We are driving on the Autobahn

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