Best Monitor for Audio Production?

I’m using an iMac in target display mode with my new Mac Pro, but the idea is to sell the old iMac and get a new monitor. The open question is, which one?

At first I had my mind set on one of the cheaper 28 inch 4k monitors that Dell, Samsung (U28D590DS) and Asus (PB287Q) have released this year, but the reviews are mixed and its really hard to get a feel for where they cut corners to get the price down.

So I started looking at 27 inch QHD displays like the Dell UltraSharp U2715H and the NEC MultiSync EA274WMI, but they are clearly made more for business users and are often more expensive than the 4k displays mentioned above.

In the end it seems to come down to either a cheaper 4k display with a TN panel, or a more expensive QHD monitor with a better IPS panel. The price difference isn’t that big, and looking at refresh rates and other attributes both options look good enough for audio production work.

What are your thoughts? Which one would you go for? At the moment I’m leaning towards the Asus PB287Q…