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Posts are rare these days, but rest assure there are a lot of things cooking in the Glitzerstrahl labs. The modular synth is taking up a lot of time, but most of it is pure explorations and learnings at this point. Not so much actual music being made.

I’m slowly working on the next Cumulus track, which I plan to pull in a more melodic direction, but I want to use it as an excuse to experiment with a workflow that utilizes the Maschine as well as Live in the setup. Therefor it’s taking longer than usual.

Keep tuning in, there’s lots more coming!

In the meantime, tell me what you are working on! Any modular / analog stuff happening?

Ableton Live 9 and Push Release Date Confirmed!

Ableton has now confirmed the release date for Ableton Live 9 and Push. According to their website, they are both slated to be released at March 5:

I’m excited! Are you?

Update on the Ableton Live 9 / Push Release Date

I originally reported on the Live 9 and Push being available for preorder at major retailers back in December. Now it looks like Guitar Center and Musicians Friend has updated their expected availability / shipping date for the Ableton Push controller and Ableton Live 9.

Guitar Center is now at

Push : March 18
Live 9: February 11

and Musicians Friend is at

Push: March 25
Live 9: February 18

I guess the rumors and speculations continue. Makes me wonder if they are simply guessing dates to lure people to pre-order? At this rate Bitwig might just make it out before 9 after all…

Ableton Live 9 Listed for Pre-Order!

Ableton Live 9 as now been listed at MusiciansFriend:

and GuitarCenter:

With an expected availability date of February 18 and February 11 respectively.

I guess the wait is nearly over?


Ableton Push version compatibility

Akai just confirmed directly to me via twitter that the new Push controller (to be released end of February 2013) will require Ableton Live 9 and above to fully function:

@Akai_Pro: @glitzerstrahl ^SB I believe you should be able to manually map some features in previous versions however you need the latest version

@Akai_Pro: @glitzerstrahl ^SB To fully benefit from the deep integration.

This is really a pity. I was hoping the controller, given its price point, would be made available to users of the earlier versions of Live as well…

I guess it’s just a matter of time though before someone creates a custom midi map that let’s version 8 users take advantage of it…