Problems with the Maschine HW controller display

After upgrading to the MK2 of the Maschine controller about 2 years ago I soon ran into the issue of one of the displays flickering and ultimately ending up much dimmer than the other.

At that time I didn’t think too much about it but sent it back to the store for a replacement right away.

IMG_2935A couple of weeks ago I noticed that my replacement controller also started acting bad. The same problems with the display was happening on this unit.

Since I bought it in another country I figured I was out of luck and would have to simply use it with one display darker than the other.

Then something interesting happened. As I was drumming out a pattern and I hit the pad in the upper right, the display suddenly came back to full brightness.

Now whenever it drops in brightness I just tap the upper row of the pads a couple of times and it comes back up again. Probably there’s a loose connection in there somewhere so I’m going to open it up someday and poke around when I have the time.

New Track: Tribute to Tom

This is the January track. First monthly track of the year. The news here is that I’ve recorded and mangled some analog electric guitar parts as well as synth loops. Other than that it’s entirely in the box. 99% Logic Pro X with some samples edited in Live.

The voice over parts are from an old sci-fi radio show called ‘Tom Corbett – Space Cadet‘.,_Space_Cadet

Questions and Feedback is as always welcome in the comments!



  1. 毎月一曲完成する
    1. 完成したけど、まだミクシングが残っている。
      ギリギリセーフとしよう。。。 笑
  2. 5つの曲のデモを完成する
    1. まだだね。デモの曲を集めるため上記の1はあるけどね。。。
  3. 週一度このブログを更新
    1. ここまでオッケー!この調子で進めたら。。。
  4. 毎日少しでも運動する
    1. ウゥゥ。。。出来ていないね。やはり仕事やら、いくらでもいいわけできてしまうからだめだね。もっとしっかりしないと。
  5. 毎週琳と一緒にピアノの練習する
    1. ちゃんと進んでいる。日本で買った本「はじめから1人で学べる 大人のためのピアノレッスン 上巻 (DVD付)」で毎週ちゃんと頑張っている。琳もどんどん上達している。全然追いつかない  笑
  6. 日本で買った本を全部読む ;)
    1. 読んでいる。今一番楽しいのは「DAWで曲を作る時にプロが実際に行なっていること」興味のある人は是非読んでいみてください。




New (and simpler) home studio layout

I’ve written before about how I was planning on simplifying and cleaning up my work space at home. Since I got back from Japan I’ve been busy moving stuff around and putting away the gear that I don’t use that often, or couldn’t comfortable and easily get to in the small space I occupy in our apartment.

The result is actually very relieving. It seems like for every kilo of gear that I move out of the way, my inspiration keeps increasing and I find it easier to just sit down and start working on ideas again.

Not saying that I have no use or love for the gear, but seeing it all around me and not being able to make full use of it because it would require moving furniture and re-route cables was actually are real downer for the creativity. Can’t wait for the day when I have enough space to set everything up properly. Until then I will bring the stuff out as needed…

Below is a picture of the new and simpler setup…


Presonus Faderport and Logic Pro X 10.1

After pulling the latest update (10.1) to Logic, don’t be surprised if your Presonus Faderport stops working. All you need to do is download the same 64bit driver you installed for the previous version (10.0) and copy it back into the Logic application package content folder.

The reason for this is that as Logic get’s bumped to 10.1, the application package gets overwritten and your old Faderport bundle disappears.

In other words, just follow these instructions again and you should be all good.

(Also, you don’t need to delete your previous control surface settings in Logic before copying in the bundle again.)