Day 9 – 12 in Japan

Just a quick update. The past 5 days I’ve spent working on a new track called ‘Snow’. It’s the first track in what I hope will become the Hakusan series, if time, energy and inspiration permits :). You can listen to the result in the post below this one (or here).

I’ve also been sampling some more environments, including some really nice sounds from a Ramen shop that I will post as soon as I’ve transferred polished it a little.

That’s enough for today. Short and sweet. Will keep you posted!

How Weird Street Fair

As we woke up this morning, my wife and I noticed from our window that there was some kind of construction going on in the streets below our apartment building. At first we thought it was a film set, but after some research via Google we found out it was preparations for the 2012 How Weird Street Fair, a dance and art festival that’s held annually in San Francisco. We decided to stop by to see what was going on, and to support the movement at least by paying the entrance fee.

Turns out it was like a street rave (or a forrest rave if that’s more familiar to you) with lot’s of smaller stages (13 in total) set up on and off the main road. They also had food stalls, ad-hoc performance stages and clothes and accessories for sale.

For me it was a bit nostalgic since I haven’t been to a rave/dance party in almost 10 years. It was also very inspirational, and paired with seeing Roger Waters perform The Wall last Friday, I feel very strongly the urge to make more music. You can count me (and my wonderful wife) in for next years event for sure! Check out more on the fair on the links below.

Main page:

Map and Program:

Also, I just got a message saying that the after-party at Temple will go on to at least 2am :).

Some sounds from the street:

Haight Street

I was down at Haight street today with my good friend Peter, who is much more versed in the world of electronic music.

While meandering along the street we found a book store that carried some electronic music magazines.
I looked at Future music and Computer music in particular but decided that they were both over my head still.
I’ll keep them in the back of my head for some other time…

I also picked up an old Herbie Hancock vinyl (Future Shock), thinking it would be awesome to sample and use for something. In the end though I put it back down and decided that it was too early for me to venture there. Have to learn the tools properly first…