Modular Synth Dust Covers

I’m about to embark on a 2 week trip away from home, but against all odds I wont be bringing my modular synth with me. Naturally dust is a concern when leaving gear unattended for extended periods of time, so I wanted to find a good way of covering up the modular.

At first I tried cutting out paper bags. Turns out the standard Safeway / Whole foods paper bag as just about the right depth and height to be slid over a Doepfer 9u case (that’s the LC9 one, not the portable). However, this not only looked silly, but the paper bags have a tendency to give off this foul smell that I did not want to imbue my gear with.

Instead, I found these really nice and stretchy iMac covers on Amazon that are just about the right size to be stretched across a 9u LC case. It’s a tight fit, but it works pretty well. Check out the photo below.

CumulusDustCoverThat’s two Doepfer LC9 cases side by side, each covered with a 27″ iMac stretch cover. If you have any better suggestions on how to cover up these cases and protect your modules from dust, please leave a comment and let me know!

New Video (Cumulus 2 – The Bridge)

Part two in the tentatively named Cumulus series. Based entirely on the modular synth, with the exception of the kick drum. This track continues to explore the theme of sound textures started with the Cumulus 1, but this time with a higher tempo.

The track was recorded in multiple layers with the Morphing Terrarium as the primary sound source, except for some guest play from time to time by the Bubblesound VCOs. Only reverb was added as an effect while mixing the layers. There are no other computer generated effects.

Of course, all layers where recorded as continues ‘live’ recordings, each track ‘over dubbing’ the previous ones. The video was recorded in separate takes for each layer, and since all I have is a web camera and iMovie the results are… not exactly stellar. But at least it gives you some pretty light to look at as an excuse to listen to the track! ;-P Not all of the layers where filmed so if you are trying to match up knob-wiggling with actual sound it wont exactly match all the time :).

Modules are from Doepfer, XAOC Devices, Synthesis Technology, Bubblesound, TipTop Audio, Pittsburgh Modular and 4ms.

New Song (Cumulus 3 – The Quarters)

This is the 3rd track in the Cumulus series. As always this is coming from multiple live overdubs using my modular synth and NI’s maschine.

This is music for very late nights, dark rooms and headphones… or any other time and place of your choice of course.

(The Cumulus series is intended to work as a conceptual soundtrack to an abandoned, hulking and alien structure. Use of rich imagination and association is highly recommended!)

Glitzerstrahl on Custom Made Music

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Dave Allison from Custom Made Music, asking for permission to include one of the Cumulus tracks on his label’s Spring Mixer collection. The Mixer is essentially a show case of new and (hopefully) upcoming artists in the genre of shoegaze, noise pop, dream pop and alternative rock.

The Mixer is printed in a limited run and distributed to radio stations, tv stations, blogs and other sites of potential review or air time. It’s really a promotional tool intended to get the word about the participating artists out as wide as possible.

I said yes of course, distribution is (almost) never a bad thing, and Part 1 of the mixer is now up on 8tracks.

The track that Dave selected from me is called Fahrbahn 14 – Cumulus Forming (Available on the Fahrbahn II album after the jump) and is made entirely using my modular synth. It represents the bridge between the first year of Farhbahn tracks into the Cumulus tracks of year 2.

Check it out via the links below:

Please note that this does not mean that Glitzerstrahl is now tied to or released / distributed by Custom Made in general.

The Cumulus Machine is growing…

They say once you get into the modular synth scene you never turn back… Not sure about that part, but I will admit that this is definitely the most fun I’ve had with a musical instrument so far.

When I got my first 9u Doepfer case the plan was to slowly grow and add modules as the need arose. Well, that need seems to arise so fast when you’re standing in front of it patching in cables and trying out different sounds.

Therefor, well actually since my first case is now full, I have added a second case to the setup. Can’t wait to start adding in the modules and grow the potential of this sweet, sweet synth…


Actually, since I took this photo I have already added a Pittsburgh ADSR envelope generator to the case :).