Novation Automap Pro, what’s the deal?

So if you’ve bought a new Novation product lately, chances are that in the box you found a card with a registration code for the Automap software (which is awesome btw). On that card, if you product was packaged before the release of Automap 4, there’s likely a sticker saying that you qualify for the Automap Pro upgrade, but no matter how much you search the netz and the Novation website you won’t find a download link anywhere. Also, there is no upgrade path within the software either.

So, what’s going on here?

Well, after the release of Automap 4, the Pro features where simply merged into the standard version, so there is no need to upgrade anymore. Simply grab the latest version from the Novation website, install and your good to go.

Automap 4 is replacing Automap 3 Standard and Automap 3 PRO and is a free upgrade to all Novation Automap users. All of the main functions in Automap 3 PRO remain in Automap 4, the main change is a totally revised set-up process and workflow.

(Novation website, see link below.)

There, saved you a couple of hours of frustration :).

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