Bitwig Finally gets a Release Date!

March 26! Mark the date as this is when the german outfit will release their much anticipated new DAW.

According to a press statement sent out today the date and pricing will be announced at NAMM 2014, which kicks off tomorrow in California. The boxed version will retail for USD 449.99 / 399.99 (MSRP/MAP), 329 EUR  and 41.000 YEN. The download only version will be available for a reduced price of USD 399 / 299 EUR. Also, a free demo will be made available for download on the Bitwig website from the day of release.

It’s great to see another actor enter the market and this can only lead to more innovation and competition, which ultimately will benefit the consumers. Very exciting times ahead!

Are you getting Bitwig? What’s your take?

New Bitwig Video Released

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about Bitwig Studio, but this latest video shows off some of the features (specifically around modulation) of the much anticipated DAW.

It also shows how much the software has matured since last time. Also, the UI seems to be heading in a very pleasant direction. What’s your take on Bitwig? Still excited?

New Bitwig Video released

Rejoice! A new video of the Bitwig Studio beta has found it’s way out from the team in Germany onto the internet. It is becoming more and more clear that the workflow in Bitwig redefines what ‘nonlinear’ and ‘hybrid’ means in many ways. Take a look at little trick made possible by having both the scene view and the composer view visible at the same time at 0:56. This is doable in other DAWs too, but looks a lot more intuitive this way.

The per-note automation and modulation stuff demos that start around 1:58 also look really awesome.

Finally, another highlight worth mentioning is the ‘detail editor’ (2:54) that is layered to let you edit several tracks at the same time! :)

Personally, the more I see the more impressed I am with this software. I can’t wait to get my hands on it…

One more update on Bitwig Studio (AU and Max/MSP)

Ok, enough with the Bitwig posts already I hear you say. Sure, I get it, just one last little thing.

I have just learned, again directly from the Bitwig team, 2 significant details that I think you will want to know:

  1. Bitwig Studio will not support AU plugins.
    This is not such a huge deal since most plugins (except for some apple specific ones) usually come in both a VST and AU version. Also, since there are plenty of wrappers that can take VST plugin and provide the callable interfaces necessary to make it appear as an AU compatible plugin, most 3rd party AU plugins are probably wrapped VSTs anyway… The reasoning here is that Bitwig studio is exactly the same on all 3 platforms (win/mac/linux), so AU support falls out of scope as being platform specific. However, AU support might come in a future version according to the team.
  2. Bitwig Studio will not support Max/MSP.
    The announcement of Max for Live made quite the news bringing with it a new modular programming approach to Live. Max/MSP however will not be supported by Bitwig Studio, not in V1 and probably not going forward either according to Bitwig. This kind of makes sense given that Bitwig has it’s own ‘native modular framework’, though not much is known about this framework yet. (Check near the bottom of the Bitwig homepage.)

So there you have it. More info is bound to start sipping out about Bitwig as they ramp up on Beta testing and start to appear more in the public media. For now I’ll keep you posted with what I know, for as much as I can share :).

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No, Bitwig Studio is not Live 9 after all

After the last couple of posts about the relationship between Bitwig Studio (the new non-linear DAW in development by the German startup with the same name) and Ableton Live, I have received word directly from Bitwig that clears the fog further.

Read the original posts here:
1. Bitwig Studio and Ableton Live (9?)
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Bitwig has told me that:

  • The two DAWs, while somewhat similar on the surface, are two entirely different applications.
  • The two companies have no relationship to each other.
See the quote below:

Bitwig Studio has nothing to do with Live 8 or Live 9 technically or otherwise. Ableton and Bitwig are completely separate companies and Bitwig Studio has been newly developed from ground up using our own framework.


So what does this mean? Well, for one thing it makes the future DAW landscape even more exciting since we now have both the next version of Live (9 hopefully) and a completely new player on the field to look forward to!

Which software are you most excited about? Holding your breath for Bitwig or keeping your stakes with Live?

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