Thank you

Looking serious since 2012 :)

Looking serious since 2012 :)

As 2012 draws to an end I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to all who have support this site, me and my music throughout the year.

To think that its only been 9 months since Glitzerstrahl was created fills me with excitement for what the next year will bring.

For starters I will spend all of January in Japan, working on a mini-album I’ve been planning for some time. Expect lots of posts during this period.

I bought my very first Moog (a Little Phatty) recently, and one of my main goals for next year is to expand upon it and turn it into a semi-modular setup using Slim Phatties and Moogerfoogers. But the tools are not the goal, I want to move further into the Space Music genre using this setup.

I have also had a recent revival in Maschine. I bought the latest MK2 revision and that re-ignited my lust for creating more dance oriented EDM. That is, EDM with an actual D in it.

If all goes well, my final big plan for 2013 is to enroll in an actual school for music production and composing. Its not a full time thing of course, but rather something that I hope to be able to do in parallell with my job. I know it sounds unrealistically ambitious and optimistic, but its worth a try! :)

All in all, there are lots of exciting plans lined up for next year, and I hope you’ll all find it in your hearts and minds to continue to support Glitzerstrahl on this next leg of the journey. I will do my very best to deserve that support!

Thank you! Seriously, Thank you!