New EP (Fahrbahn II) released!

After about 6 months of collecting ideas and materials, sequencing and recording, I’ve put together a follow up to the Farhbahn EP, named (surprise surprise) Fahrbahn II :). It’s available at Bandcamp via the link below. Please download and check it out :).

You can name your price (including $0).


Day 8 in Japan (Vocaloids!!)

Went to a book store and found these awesome magazines about digital / electronic music production.

UTAUThe first one is a sort of tutorial for a Japanese software called Utau. It’s described as a “singing synthesizer”, and it’s essentially a freeware vocaloid software. It does have a few tricks that set it apart from more commercially established vocaloids, such as the ability for a user to record their own voice and then use that as the basis for synthesizing new words and melodies.

The fact that it’s free has also lead to a significant user base in Japan, with 100s of free, user created voice banks (some capable of singing in up to 15 different languages) and add-ons available online. It’s greatest restriction is that you need a PC running Windows that supports a fully Japanese locale, and almost all the usable documentation as well as the UI is all in Japanese.

I picked up the magazine with the intention to buy it, until I realized that it was Windows only. Since I do not have a Windows box in my MBP right now, I decided to hold off for now.

You can read more about UTAU here:

If you are interested in vocaloids and speak and read Japanese, it’s a great place to start and get your feet wet, before investing in one of the commercial packages.

DTMThe second magazine is a monthly one called “DTM Magazine”. The reason it looked interesting was because it lists a catalog of software synthesizers and DAWs current for 2013, and I wanted to see what kind of apps / synths are popular in Japan at the moment.

I haven’t had a chance to read through it, but just browsing the pages I already spotted some interesting synths that I have not come across before. I’ll post an update if I find something interesting worth sharing.

Freebie!! (and StandardBeatCompany Sale)

Ever heard of StandardBeatCompany? If not your missing out. S/B makes really nice beat and sound packs for Native Instruments Battery. I found out about them specifically because they released a great pack of side stick hits called ‘In search of Angels’ (?).

Anyways, right now they are running a 20% sale on all downloads (coupon code HOT), which is the perfect excuse for you to check them out. Also, they’ve released a classic collection called ‘Dark Downtempo 3’ as a free download under the name ‘Artifact 01 – DD3’.

The sale runs until August 31st.


Free Gig bag with the Ultranova…

Novation is giving away free Gig bags with every Ultranova purchased between August 1st and September 30th. This is great since the bag alone is MSRP $100. It also sucks since I bought my Ultranova back in June… oh well…

If you where thinking of picking one up now’s the time! :)

More info on the campaign =>

Pick it up from amazon here: Novation Ultranova Nova Series Analog-Modeling Systhesizer

Check out my discussion on why the Ultranova is a great synth here.