New Song (Snow)

First track of 2013! Happy new year!

This track is the first in what I hope will become a series of songs. I will talk more about the common theme and goal of this series at a later point.

This particular track is trying to capture some of the feeling of walking home late at some cold winter night just as the snow starts to fall.

The track was made entirely using Maschine, but the sounds come from a mixture of custom Massive patches, some heavily modulated and FX’d FM8 patches, Maschine library samples and home made sound effects.

Hope you like it :)

New Song (With Your Eyes)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! This will be the last track for 2012!

There’s been a lot of things going on lately, so this track took a while to complete, but here’s my first attempt at something akin to Psytrance. Big shout out to Dave Brown who got me started!

Some interesting things about the track.

1. It was built entirely in Live 8. All leads, pads and basses, except for the sub bass that kicks in from time to time, are made with Massive. No presets, all custom made from scratch.

2. The sub bass that you hear a few times is played lived (overdubbed) on a Moog Little Phatty (custom patch).

3. The percussion is actually composed of 14 different samples and patches stacked and mixed. Building the kick was one of the most rewarding parts of this track :).

4. Don’t ask me why it ended up so long. I was originally planning a 5-6 min track but somewhere along the way it ended up being almost 10… It’s a bit repetitive but I wanted it to have passages long enough to give the listener a chance to get lost in some of the lead riffs :). Let me know if it works…

Hope you like it!