Music for Games and Apps

I’ve uploaded a new song to the collection of background music for games and apps (the Henry’s Engine project). The idea is to collect at least 8 different types of songs on an album that can be used for any type of background music, such as a mobile game or a website.

It’s going to take a little while preparing all the songs, but I figured I might as well start putting the songs out there as I go. If you like any of them you can get them from the bandcamp page below.

(Information on the license and so on is available from the same bandcamp page at


Music For Kids (part 2)

I’ve mentioned before that I sometimes make background music for mobile apps and games and I’ve just completed the first version of a song for a children’s game. Since this music will most often be heard over the internal speakers on an iPad / iPhone, this time I set it up so that while working on the track I could easily listen to it via my iPad. This meant I could check the result of the mix and mastering and optimize levels for the right conditions.

I was going back and forth with some more electronic vibes but then decided to build a more traditional, acoustic sounding track that I think will work well in an app for 3-8 year olds.

Linn says she likes it so I guess it passes QA :). Keep in mind that it’s meant to loop so the cutoff is pretty sudden.


For more on app / game music, check out: Henry’s Engine