New Song (ML1 Chopped Up Cuts)

First exploration in a more more chopped up, broken rhythmic style. No loops used, all percussion was handcrafted in Live. (Handcrafted as in even the samples are chopped up and modified.) You will need headphones or something that is capable of reproducing deep bass to hear all the parts of the track.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think! :) ANY feedback is more than welcome!

Ableton Push version compatibility

Akai just confirmed directly to me via twitter that the new Push controller (to be released end of February 2013) will require Ableton Live 9 and above to fully function:

@Akai_Pro: @glitzerstrahl ^SB I believe you should be able to manually map some features in previous versions however you need the latest version

@Akai_Pro: @glitzerstrahl ^SB To fully benefit from the deep integration.

This is really a pity. I was hoping the controller, given its price point, would be made available to users of the earlier versions of Live as well…

I guess it’s just a matter of time though before someone creates a custom midi map that let’s version 8 users take advantage of it…