New Song (ML1 Chopped Up Cuts)

First exploration in a more more chopped up, broken rhythmic style. No loops used, all percussion was handcrafted in Live. (Handcrafted as in even the samples are chopped up and modified.) You will need headphones or something that is capable of reproducing deep bass to hear all the parts of the track.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think! :) ANY feedback is more than welcome!

Drum (Rhythm) Practice!

One thing that bugs me incredibly while experimenting with live recording is that my sense of rhythm, while not horrible, isn’t quite where it needs to be. To remedy this I decided that I needed some basic rhythm practice, and what better (and more fun) way to get that than with a drum practice pad. Those little things are incredibly cheap (it’s basically just a piece of rubber) but they have a very satisfactory feel and sound.

My dad used to be a drummer (he still is in heart and mind) for many years, doing both pop, traditional dance music and marching bands so I always had the sound of drums and rhythms in the background as I grew up. I especially remember all the weekends he used to spend in the basement of our house tapping out marches on a practice pad. I think that’s why the sound of this thing has such a nostalgic feel to it for me.

Anyways, I picked up a Vater Percussion pad and a cymbal stand, both of which you can get at the following links from amazon (also, don’t forget the sticks :):

-> Vater Chop Builder Practice Pad 12 inch Soft Single Side (Red color is no longer listed.)
-> Sound Percussion SP880BS Double-Braced Boom Stand

The stand is very sturdy and nice, and the pad feels heavy and robust. Now off for some practice!