Psytrance, Trance and Inspiration

My daughter (and my wife) have been complaining lately that my music doesn’t have enough ‘UNTZ’. Thus, I decided to work on some more EDM oriented stuff. I’ve been dabbling in trance from time to time and I really like it. Trance to me touches on some fundamental structures and musical constructs that I really enjoy. Typical progressions, the build ups and breakdowns may be basic and sometimes predictable, but I personally love them.

Anyways, while trance is great and a lot of fun to work on, this time I wanted to try something new, and preferably something with a little less formalized structure to it. Something where I can improvise a bit more and work closer to the kind of analog, robot-machine-industrial kind of melodies that I’ve focused a lot on lately.

The search brought me to psytrance, (or psychedelic trance), also commonly known as Goa Trance (though the term is not entirely correct). In this form of trance, the structure and progression of a track is much more open and less bound by the genres conventions. For me its a great playground because it contains lots of complex, layered sounds and riffs and the bass is often allowed to drive the track forward with equal importance to the percussion and beats. Also, the repetitive yet deep nature of the melodies often found in psytrance is a great match between the stuff I’ve worked on lately and my desire to experiment right now.

I hope I’ll get a track pulled together soon. Will post as soon as I do.