New Video (Cumulus 1 [WIP])

The starting point of a track made entirely with my modular rack. No MIDI or external sequencing but reverb was added while recording through Ableton Live.

The track is still being worked on so this video only shows the first version. I’ll continuously post videos as parts are added, and that way you can see how the track builds up.

In essence what you hear is built up by an XAOC Moskwa sequencer modulating a Pittsburgh filter cutoff that filters a set of 3 separately tuned Bubblesound VCOb oscillators.

A Pittsburgh mixer is manually manipulated to change the mix of the three oscillators, and the resonance, QVC and cutoff of the filter is also manually tweaked during the course of the track.

The Attack and Release of the envelope (of which there is only 1 (TipTop Z4000)) is set randomly and gated by the Moskwa, and there is a slew limiter (Doepfer a-170) patched in between one of the oscillators, and the random voltage of the Release of the envelope.

XAOC Moskwa has arrived!

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 12.48.05 PM

Can’t wait to open this up and install it! As with the Warna, the packaging is just beautiful!

New Song (Snow)

First track of 2013! Happy new year!

This track is the first in what I hope will become a series of songs. I will talk more about the common theme and goal of this series at a later point.

This particular track is trying to capture some of the feeling of walking home late at some cold winter night just as the snow starts to fall.

The track was made entirely using Maschine, but the sounds come from a mixture of custom Massive patches, some heavily modulated and FX’d FM8 patches, Maschine library samples and home made sound effects.

Hope you like it :)

Day 5, 6 and 7 in Japan

The past few days have been spent celebrating the New Year. Relatives and friends have been stopping by and lot’s of good times have passed. Naturally there hasn’t been much music made, but I have managed to do some sampling. Mostly different types of weather so far.

I have also spent a lot of time reading up on the Doepfer modular synth system.

I’ve been longing for a big, fat modular for so long. Right now I’m going back and forth between expanding my Moog setup by polychaining the Little Phatty with a set of Slim Phatties and add a set of MoogerFoogers for good measure, or investing in a Doepfer system.

Pricewise it’s about the same amount of money, but they are going in very different directions.

Regardless, I think my first step will be the Doepfer MAQ16/3 Analog sequencer, since I can use it to drive both either a true modular, or the Moog poly setup…

Any thoughts? Check out the sequencer on the link below:

Day 1, 2 and 3 in Japan

2 days ago I arrived in Japan with the rest of the family. It was a long journey from San Francisco, but relatively easy due to a direct flight to Haneda Airport. We did a quick stop in Tokyo for the night, spent one day taking care of errands and on the following evening boarded a domestic flight to Ishikawa Ken on the western side of Japan.

Our plan is to stay for 1 month in Japan while my wife undergoes a set of genetic examination procedures, to see if the doctors can determine the exact nature of her condition and determine a diagnosis. We will be visiting and consulting with several specialist physicians at various hospitals and hopefully this will finally bring some clarity around her syndrome.

At the same time I’m taking this chance to get my first honest vacation from work in several years. No time laid to waste though, I have 3 projects that I want to work on now that I have some time to focus.

JapanMapIshikawaThe first is a series of tracks themed around the climate here on the western coast of Japan. The snow, hard winds and raging Sea of Japan has always fascinated me, and I want to see if I can create something that’s a mixture of ambient, IDM and sample based, texturized soundscapes that captures some of this.

The second is the new Native Instruments Maschine (MK2) which arrived in the mail the day before I left San Francisco. I carried it all the way down here so that we can get some quality time to get to know each other. I’m a huge fan of Maschine and I can’t wait to dig into the new features that 1.8 and the new controller brings. I want to focus this energy and time around exploring complextro tracks.

The third and last project is a sample library of sounds from Japan. In the rush to the airport I forgot to bring my Tascam recorder, but I have already ordered a replacement unit to the place we are staying at in Ishikawa Ken. My goal is to capture some of the typical sounds, environments and atmospheres of this beautiful place. If it turns out ok I’ll make it available for download somewhere.

I’ll try to document as much as possible during the next 4-5 weeks here, so please check back regularly.