New Video (Fahrbahn 11 Marseille)

This song came about when I was experimenting with a very classic, old school DnB rhythm. While exploring different melodies, I came across this strange patch that had some kind of french touch to it (in my opinion). From there I started playing with the idea of doing a track inspired by my connotations of Marseille.

The gear used on this track is mostly software synths. FM8, Massive and Absynth are all used, but most of the patches are either home grown or heavily modified. The live “Rhodes like” piano thingy is a default patch from the Ultranova, passed through some reverb. Needless to say that part is entirely improvised…

The controllers used are the Novation Launchpad, APC40 and LPD8.

In the beginning of the video I am reaching up to start a timer that I have running on an iPad that is just out of the screen. That one is simply to keep track of time.

New Video (Fahrbahn 9 Vostok)

Yesterday I recorded another video. This time it was an older song, released earlier as just an audio track. Check it out and see if you like it.